When Problems Occur

It is likely that during the deploy process or when creating or using External Lists. Information about the problem will be displayed in the error list in Visual Studio if it’s a deployment error, or in the browser if it’s a problem with the implementation.

To get the full error message in the browser, the web config in the ‘Layouts’ site needs modifying to stop custom errors being displayed (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\web.config):


<customErrors mode="Off" />


Once the problem has been fixed in the project, before the solution is redeployed, the following steps must be taken:

1. Right click the BdcModel project and select the ‘Retract Option’. This will retract the solution from SharePoint.

2. Navigate to Central Admin -> Service Applications -> Business Data Connectivity Service (BDC Models) and delete the BDC Model:


3. Navigate to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Lists and Libraries -> (Name of List).

4. Select ‘Delete this List’ to delete the list.

5. Re-deploy the solution.

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